Open Rehearsals


Curious about what actors and directors do to bring a new production into the world?

Have some ideas about forbidden places that you’d like to see us kick around?

Come join us at the Secret Headquarters for an open rehearsal. There’s no need to RSVP—-just come on down to 610 2nd Ave, and if you want to bring a little chair to sit on, feel free. Please arrive at the official starting time, but feel free to leave before the end of rehearsal if you’d like.


Open rehearsal dates:


November 11th: 6-9pm

November 13th:  1-4pm

November 18th:  6-9pm

November 20th: 11am-3pm





One Forbidden Thing is honored to have been chosen to present at Sprout II: A tremendous funding initiative here in Seattle that supports emerging artists whose work includes deep community engagement. Trust us: you’ll want to join us at the event for a delicious, locally grown, sustainable dinner, six presentations from talented local artists (including us!) about their work, and the opportunity to vote to decide which of the six projects will receive the proceeds from the evening.

The event will be held at the Freemont Abbey Arts Center on Friday, November 5th. Doors open at 7pm and tickets (which are selling out fast!) go for $20 each. It’s a great deal for such an incredible four course meal—plus the chance to support very worthy local artists.

Some reasons to come:

The menu looks amazing.

The organizers are forward-thinking and enthusiastic.

Volunteer chefs have been working hard to prepare.

The room will be full of creative, compassionate people.

AND you’ll get a little preview of what the OFT ensemble has been cooking up.

Don’t miss it!

Calling all Seattle performing artists:

Do you want to get useful feedback from your audiences that will help you to develop your work?

Would you like to engage with your audiences about the content of your work in a meaningful way?

Want to develop post-show programming that increases buy-in from audiences and keeps them coming back season after season?

Are you tired of the same old self-indulgent talkback sessions, but not sure what to do instead?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you MUST join us on Wednesday November 3rd from 7-9pm for a workshop that will help you evolve your post-show programming. During this workshop you will:

~Learn how to tailor your programming to the needs of both artists and audiences so that everybody wins.
~Practice facilitating multiple new techniques.
~Apply strategic thinking to create a unique post-show program for your current project (or a real-life example.)
~Troubleshoot both real and anticipated challenges to running mind-blowing post-shows.

The session is priced on a sliding scale of $10-$20 per person and will be held at our Storefront Space: 610 2nd Ave in Pioneer Square.

See you on Wednesday!

ensemble members Lisa Keeton and Ruth Yeo in rehearsal

Here’s another rehearsal video to whet your appetite!

The ensemble has devised an incredible amount of material and now we’re beginning to work it together into a cohesive play. This is a very exciting time in our process.

To celebrate, here’s another raw rehearsal video. There’s lots of sidecoaching in this one (read: my irritating voice), but the piece develops into an incredibly intense and thought-provoking scene. This scene may not be appropriate for young children due to subject matter that includes childhood abuse/trauma.

Alright—-I’ve been shy about sharing any rehearsal video here on the blog up to this point. For one thing, the experience of seeing theater happen live is NOTHING like watching it recorded on the director’s phone camera. It’s impossible to feel the tension, the thrill, the suspense—-the camera just doesn’t capture those (unless you’re actually making a film.) But, all excuses aside, I’d like to give you a little peek at what we’ve been up to in rehearsal for the past two months.

What you’re about to see is a scene that was created and performed by ensemble members Lisa Keeton (Sarah) and David Torres (Eric, offstage.) In the scene, a newlywed couple discusses their new living situation and their hopes for the future. The young wife, Sarah, has just moved into her husband’s house. He has told her never to come upstairs to the attic, where he spends a good amount of time. He has build in a camera and intercom system so that he can see her and communicate with her from the attic.

Since this is raw rehearsal video, you’ll get to hear my sidecoaching (when a director gives direction to the actors as they continue to play the scene) and my rather obnoxious response at the end! (I think I sound a lot like my cartoon hero, Brain, the genetically altered lab mouse.)

Please join us on Saturday, 10/30 at 1pm for our last workshop! We’ll be celebrating some of the roots of Halloween as we explore ideas about death, closure, and transformation. It’ll be lots of fun!


Hello again, dear friends and supporters! We’ve been extremely busy at the Secret Headquarters (and at home) and it’s about time for an update. Here are just a few highlights of our work in the recent weeks, and a preview of some great opportunities to come!

ensemble members Ruth Yeo and David Torres

OFT continues to reach out to more and more members of the community. We’ve now gathered responses from approximately 100 people who have shared their ideas about forbidden places. These conversations have become the basis for lots of exciting new scenes and theatrical seedlings.

Our fund-raising campaign has begun and we’re working hard to raise the money we need to bring you a play based on YOUR stories and ideas about forbidden places. We’d like to take a moment to thank our initial donors: William Clough, Randy Dixon, Bobbi Maiers, Ali Miller, and Adam Williams. Please join them in supporting grassroots theater. We can’t do this without you—and every little bit makes a BIG difference! Make a donation to OFT on our fiscal sponsor’s website by clicking here. (The site is secure and your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.)

Last Thursday, the OFT ensemble had the pleasure of working with an incredible group of collaborators. We were joined by students from Path with Art, a local organization that understands the needs all people have to express their truths creatively. From their website: Path with Art’s mission is to provide art programming to previously homeless and economically disadvantaged adults with the goal of using the creative process as a tool for self-discovery and self-expression, for developing self-confidence, and for building community. They are a tremendous organization with wonderful students; we were thrilled to share an evening together.

closing circle: Path with Art workshop

And now that you’ve heard a little bit about what we’ve been up to, here are some upcoming opportunities to get involved—or to reconnect.

October 30th  @ 1pm: Free workshop! This time, we’re going to explore what is arguably the final forbidden place for all of us—death. Taking our inspiration from cultural traditions including Día de los Muertos, Halloween, and All Souls Day, we’re going to explore death, letting go, and transformation. Join us! It’s free—and fun.

November 3 from 7-9pm: Beyond Talkbacks (part of the professional development training series.) Calling all performing artists who’d like to find new ways to engage with your audiences through creative post-show programming! This training will give you oodles of innovative ideas and techniques that go way beyond talkbacks so that you can create customized post-show programming that fits your needs (really. Audiences can help you get better at what you do—but you have to know how to ask the right questions) AND the needs of your audiences. Don’t miss this one! $10-$20 sliding scale.

November 5th @ 7pm: Come support One Forbidden Thing at SPROUT Seattle! This is a tremendous local microfunding program that provides a sustainably farmed, homemade dinner to diners (at a very affordable $20 ticket price) who then hear about various local arts projects. Diners vote one which project they would like to fund and then winning project receives the money raised from ticket sales for the dinner. OFT is honored to be participating and we need your help to win the money that we so greatly need to carry out the fullness of our vision. Please attend the dinner and vote for us!


Thanks for your continued support and participation. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events!



Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to say that Wednesday Nov. 20th’s professional development class has been canceled due to low enrollment. Thursday’s public workshop will still be running.