One Forbidden Thing


There are forbidden places in every community. Certain street corners after dusk, the mortuary underneath the funeral parlor, slaughterhouses, executive board rooms—these are all places of restricted access, places that are not open to everybody. One Forbidden Thing will be a multi-phase community-based theater process utilizing the language of mythology to explore the relationship of such “forbidden places” in Pioneer Square to the social issues that we face as a community. The project asks what would happen if we uncovered the truth of those forbidden places. How would that change things? And how would it change us?
The project’s title, One Forbidden Thing, comes from the name Joseph Campbell gave to a genre of myth common to many world cultures. In these stories the common element is that there is one forbidden place, object, or activity that the hero must avoid at all costs. (Pandora’s Box and the Garden of Eden are two well-known examples.) Despite all warnings, the hero always commits the transgression thereby revealing a previously hidden dimension of reality and initiating him- or herself into adventure. One Forbidden Thing makes use of a technique developed by Liz Lerman called “Big Story/Little Story”, in which participants and artists find new ways of seeing their personal experience through the lens of a “big story” from mythology. The story of Bluebeard will provide the central mythological image for our quest to find the “forbidden places” in Pioneer Square.
If you don’t remember the story of Bluebeard—stay plugged in. Spooky storytelling is coming soon!

For the purposes of this post, the central teaching of the Bluebeard story is that those things which are kept hidden and locked away are intimately tied with our survival. The premise of the project is that this is equally true for a community as it is for the individual. One Forbidden Thing will use community dialogues, story circles, and theater workshops to name places in Pioneer Square that feel unsafe, restricted, or forbidden. Through the process of creating original theater we will explore the ways that those forbidden places are inextricably tied to the community’s health and survival.


One Response to “One Forbidden Thing”

  1. 1 Ruth

    Hi there!
    I’m really interested in this concept and would love to audition!! However, I will be out of town the whole Labor Day weekend and only return Tuesday. Would it be possible to audition at a later date at all? I would so appreciate it!
    Please let me know.
    Thanks so much,

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