Calling all Visual Artists


Calling all collaboratively-minded visual artists!

I am having an ever-so-rare art emergency. The emergency is that I’ve had the great fortune to receive a big beautiful space for the project….but I don’t know how to fill it up! Being the theater artist that I am, I was planning to simply use the space to rehearse in without doing much to make it look any different. (It’s a fabulous space…exposed brick, lots of square footage, even a bathroom!) But now, it seems that a VIP guest is coming to see me and the space on Thursday… I don’t have my actors yet, haven’t started the process, yet, and don’t feel that bringing this VIP into a completely empty space is going to help him understand what it is that the project is about. So, I need your help!

I am seeking some images that relate to the theme of the project and the questions I’ll be asking the community members. I think these images will also be able to serve as the beginning of a collage of inspiration that will nourish the actors and community members as we work to create the piece. I’m glad for this challenge—I think a space full of images will help all of us in the process—not just impress Mr VIP.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:

Create some images that can be scanned into the computer and sent to me via email OR brought to Pioneer Square.

I will print email submissions on photo paper according to your specifications and post them in the space with full credit attributed to you. If you bring a physical submission to the space we can hang it together according to your specifications. I will, of course, attribute full credit to you.

I will also be happy to include your website or promotional information so that people who come to the space can find out more about you if they’re intrigued by the images.

Think of these images as “brainstorm” (artstorm?) images that will contribute to a larger collage of inspiration. There is no need for perfection. Feel free to forward this message to any and all artists and friends who you think might like to contribute!

Return your creations to me via email by Wednesday September 1st at midnight EST. If you’d like to bring your work to the space, please email me to arrange a time to meet. Prompts are below.

(please help me! trust me—you don’t want to force me to start drawing….)


Prompt #1 : Bluebeard

The story of Bluebeard. Remember it? Scary husband with blue beard tells new wife “go anywhere in my house you want—-except this one room.” She goes there. It’s full of his previous wives’ dead bodies. She panics, drops the key onto the bloody floor, runs away. Tried to wash the blood off the key but it will not come off. Husband comes home. Knows what’s happened. Tries to kill her, but she is rescued in time. (This story is providing the mythological framework for the questions and the process. Images that relate to it would be great.)

Prompt # 2 : Questions (Just a jumping-off point….)

Where do you feel unsafe? What places feel “forbidden” to you?

Are there places that you’re not allowed to go? What places?

Who is allowed to go there?

What do you think happens there?

What would happen if you somehow got in? What would you see and hear?


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