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Have you ever done anything illegal? Ever wanted to? Come join One Forbidden Thing for thoughtful, playful conversations about one of the biggest sources of “forbiddenness” in our culture—the law. What does the law tell us is forbidden? Why? And what happens when we disobey? The workshop will be held from 1-4pm on Saturday October […]

Our first community workshop was a resounding success. Thanks to all of the participants and ensemble members who came out last night. I really appreciate your contributions and your willingness to spend your evening with One Forbidden Thing. We had an interesting mix of people interested in health and the body who attended and contributed […]

Greetings, dear readers! Today, I am writing to you with two requests. First, please check out the workshop tab and see if you can join us for one or more of the dates. We really want to hang out with you. Second, would you check out our wish list for some supplies and support that […]

Join us on Monday September 27th from 6-8:30pm for what promises to be an intriguing workshop. We’re going to be up to our usual antics—playing games, telling stories, and the like—-but we’ve got a fascinating topic to explore. How do forbidden things relate to our experiences of health and the body? Here are some of […]

Last night’s rehearsal started off with soggy actors (and director!) coming in from the rain and the clogged up traffic and ended with our customary “one word” check-out ritual. (We each say one word that speaks to something we’re feeling, thinking about, or something….it’s a way to close our work in the rehearsal room, acknowledge […]

One of the core tenets of working as a community-based artist is that you’ve got to go where your audience is. So, this past Saturday, I took One Forbidden Thing to the streets. Bearing my phone/videorecorder and a big fat stack of index cards, I summoned up my courage and wandered to the Pioneer Square […]

Are you an artist, activist, or change-maker looking for new ways to change the world? Or are you a theater artist looking for new ways to really engage with the community? Either way, you’ve got to come to the Theater of the Oppressed Intensive! This is the first of many professional development trainings that I’ll […]