Launch Party: September 2nd!


Alright, Seattle. The Storefronts artists are coming.

Come celebrate with us tomorrow at the Metropolitan Police Museum from 4-5 pm. (The address is 317 3rd Ave S, in case you don’t want to look it up yourself.) Rumor has it that we may have a very special guest joining us….

So, here’s the plan. Launch party at the Police Museum from 4-5 (I may be arriving a little late as I’m allegedly participating in a special VIP tour of the Storefronts spaces with Mr. Special Guest. I’ll fill you all in tomorrow!) followed by the glories of First Thursday and visiting the Storefronts spaces. Make sure to swing by One Forbidden Thing’s secret headquarters before 7pm to snag some forbidden fruit and chat me up about the project. Who knows….there might even be some games and some creative brainstorming….

Oh, and secret headquarters is at 610 2nd Ave in Pioneer Square. I can tell you. You’ve got a trustworthy face.

Till tomorrow,


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