Workshops: What to expect and Why YOU should come


This Thursday we’re launching the One Forbidden Thing workshop series! As you might know, the project will be created by both professional artists and community members from all walks of life. The workshops will be a major way that folks who aren’t in the professional company (and probably haven’t thought of themselves as artists before) will contribute their stories and ideas to the mix. It’s from this marvelous stewpot that we’ll cook up some awesome original theater later in the year.

So, here’s the quick-and-dirty on the OFT Workshop Series. (OFT = One Forbidden Thing)

When: Mondays and Thursdays from 6-8:30pm and Saturdays from 1-4pm from September 9th through the end of October

Where: Secret Headquarters 610 2nd Ave in Pioneer Square

Who: You. Seriously. And a motley bunch of folks with great stories to tell who like to have fun.

Right about now I know what you’re thinking. It’s something along the lines of, “that sounds nice…but what will we actually be doing? Is this going to be weird? Is it really worth getting up off my butt and turning off my computer to go all the way down to Pioneer Square to hang out with this theater geek?”

To which I say—yes, it will be worth it. We’ll be playing some games at the beginning of every workshop (games are fun, and they also break us out of our habitual ways of thinking so that we’re ready to have original ideas), and then we’ll do some activities that involve simple storytelling. We might write sometimes (like, sentences or juicy words…no need to be a writer.) We’ll certainly laugh. We might do some activities based on the Theater of the Oppressed like making statues with our bodies that tell a story and then mining them for hidden meaning. We might tell secrets and ghost stories. We might even try acting out some stories, too. Everybody will be free to join in at his or her own level of comfort. After all, it’s hard to be creative if you feel nervous.

Still not sure you’re coming? Here are some great reasons to come to an OFT workshop (or six):

~You like listening to and telling stories.

~You’re sick of staring at a computer and want to feel alive for a change

~You used to do lots of arts stuff but then life got sidetracked by grown-up stuff—and you miss being creative.

~You really don’t like theater that much and never go to it because it seems too fake, too fantastical, or it puts you to sleep. This ain’t your average theater workshop. We might just change your mind a little.

~You’re intrigued by the idea of forbidden places.

~You’ve never tried doing anything artistic before and are kind of intimidated by it. Come see how easy and natural it is. (I promise—it will not be scary!)

~You’re secretly a rebel….and you want to ask the questions you’re not supposed to ask….

~You’re sick of the same old going-out activities and want to do something new and cool with your friends that’ll let you meet new people and have fun.

~You’re an artist from another discipline and want to see how you can collaborate with us.

~You’re a burned-out do-gooder who wants to learn some ways to bring cool arts techniques into your work.

~You’re a jaded actor who is sick of the grind and wants to imagine new ways of creating the theater that you love.

~You’ve got an important story to tell—but you’re not sure who will listen. We will.

~You like fun.

(Frankly, people, if you don’t like fun I just can’t help you.)

If you’ve still got questions, just email me at .

See you Thursday!


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