Take it to the streets


One of the core tenets of working as a community-based artist is that you’ve got to go where your audience is. So, this past Saturday, I took One Forbidden Thing to the streets. Bearing my phone/videorecorder and a big fat stack of index cards, I summoned up my courage and wandered to the Pioneer Square market determined to engage perfect strangers in deep conversation and art-making.

I admit it. This still makes me nervous!

Fortunately for my nerves, the first person I encountered was the charming Matt Longoria, who was working at Trabant Coffee and Chai right next to Secret HQ. There weren’t any customers in the shop, so I tiptoed in and asked if he’d mind chatting with me for a few minutes. “I’m one of the Storefronts artists,” I explained, “and I’m creating this piece about forbidden places….can I ask you some questions?”

He was totally into the Storefronts thing and was really excited to talk with me. (Whew…what a relief! Thanks, Matt!) Here’s a little bit of our conversation….

Emboldened by my initial success, I marched my little self down to the Saturday Market where I began passing out index cards, instructing folks to write their answers to the following questions on the card:

Where are you not allowed to go?
And what would happen if you went there anyway?

I also offered people the option to share their answer on camera. My first brave video subject was the lovely Yolanda DeLeon, designer of the GORGEOUS Carlotta Valdez jewelry line. Check her out, people.  Her pieces are just incredible.

Here’s Yolanda’s etsy shop

And here’s what happened when we were joined by some shoppers

Finally, after a full day of interviewing and card-collecting and pondering, I made my way back up to Beacon Hill to chill out and prepare for a very exciting week—the week of our first rehearsal with the professional ensemble.
Coming soon—–introductions to the ensemble, workshop updates, and rehearsal videos!


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