Upcoming Workshop: Health and the Body


Join us on Monday September 27th from 6-8:30pm for what promises to be an intriguing workshop. We’re going to be up to our usual antics—playing games, telling stories, and the like—-but we’ve got a fascinating topic to explore. How do forbidden things relate to our experiences of health and the body?

Here are some of the questions I’m wondering about….

What feels off-limits to me because of how my body looks? What’s off-limits because of my physical capabilities?

What is it like for health care to be forbidden?

What things are forbidden to us if we want to be healthy? Who says? How do we react to being told “don’t eat trans fats, don’t drink tequila, don’t stay up too late….”

Come join us on Monday for more questions….and maybe some answers, too.

And now, here are some juicy responses to our favorite question. “What place feels forbidden to you? What might happen if you went there anyway?


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