Rehearsal Photos and an Invitation


Hello, dear readers!
The OFT (that’s One Forbidden Thing, for those in-the-know) has been working hard again this week on lots of new material about juicy subjects like breaking the law, going crazy, and murder. It’s been a heavy week!

Come on….aren’t you curious about what goes on during one of our rehearsals? Haven’t you wanted to see what it’s like when a bunch of artists get together to try to create something new? If so, this is your lucky week because we’re holding an open rehearsal on Thursday evening from 6-9pm. You can come to the Secret Headquarters and peek at what we’re up to. We might even take requests for scenes and monologues to develop!

Here are some rehearsal photos to whet your appetite:

Jillian, Ruth, and Lisa writing monologues

Ruth and David: Bus Stop Scene

Alissa and Jillian: "I left the baby in the car...."

Adrian, Ruth, Jillian and David: Dead weight

Intrigued? Come join us on Thursday!


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