Intro to Theater of the Oppressed


Join us for an Introduction to Theater of the Oppressed this Wednesday (October 13th) from 7-9pm. This will be part of our professional training series, though which One Forbidden Thing is sharing the knowledge about how theater can be a tool to catalyze change and bring about transformation in our communities.

The session will be available on a sliding scale from $10-$20. Larger donations will be gratefully accepted!

OFT company members doing Image Theater

Questions you might be asking:

What is Theater of the Oppressed, anyway?

TO (as it’s known to those who love it) is a form of participatory theater that is meant to create dialogue and provide a forum for people to solve their own problems through creativity and empathy. Theater of the Oppressed was created by Brazilian visionary Augusto Boal, who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in creating and sustaining this form of theater, which is now used around the world. Boal witness firsthand what oppression from an authoritarian regime could do to citizens and created the original components of TO in response. He was ultimately persecuted and tortured for his activities on behalf of the people and then lived in exile in Paris for many years. While in Paris, he observed that despite the political freedom enjoyed by the French people, many people suffered from deep despair and alienation as evidenced by sky high suicide rates, drug abuse, and other social problems. He evolved the work of Theater of the Oppressed to include techniques for dealing with all kinds of “oppressions”, even the ones that can happen in a free society. The techniques are used around the world in schools, political organizing, support groups, anti-bullying campaigns, environmental work, human rights organizing, and more.

Who should come to this workshop?
Theater artists interested in doing something worthwhile with their theater skills.


Activists who are passionate about finding new and creative ways to organize effectively.

People who think art never changes anything. (We’ll change your mind.)

Anyone who is interested in creating a more humane, creative, and equitable world.

What should I bring?

You don’t have to bring anything, but if you like to be extra prepared you can bring a water bottle (hydration is always good) and notebook. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes since we’ll be moving around.

Where is the workshop happening? Is the space accessible?

We’ll meet at Secret Headquarters:  610 2nd Ave in Pioneer Square. The space is accessible for wheelchair users.

What does my class fee cover?

Your $10-$20 fee (pay what you can in that range) will be used to compensate the instructor (30%) and support the work of One Forbidden Thing (70%). Any additional donations that you make above $20 will be used exclusively to support One Forbidden Thing.

What should I expect?

We’ll introduce ourselves, play some of Boal’s famous games (and discuss the reasons *why* Boal used games), and learn a little bit about two of the most common forms of Theater of the Oppressed: Image Theater and Forum Theater. This course is an introduction to ideas that will be fully explored in the full day intensive on Sunday the 17th. (And this is a good way to “try it out” to see if you’re interested to join us for the intensive.)

If you’re planning to come, please RSVP to .   We reserve the right to cancel the class if we do not have adequate attendance, so please RSVP!


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