I believe anyone can take part in creating thrilling, original theater of high quality if given the proper tools and guidance. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama from New York Universitiy’s Tisch School of the Arts, I have been working as a community-based artist. I incorporate community engagement throughout all phases my work and strive to produce high quality theater that has real benefits in the world beyond the proscenium. My experience includes directing innovative productions of scripted and original, devised plays, working extensively as a teaching artist with diverse populations, and presenting workshops and performances at various conferences and festivals. I have been awarded an Emerging Artist Fellowship at the Global Arts Village in New Delhi, and have received support from both Alternate ROOTS and the Ford Foundation.

I’ve had the honor of making theater with an array of collaborators, including professional actors, pregnant teens in New York City’s foster care system, community organizers in Washington DC, senior citizens, an international group of artists in India, and individuals dealing with homelessness. I believe that my high aesthetic standards are vital to the success I’ve experienced as a community-based artist. My work consciously incorporates strong physicality, audience participation, non-traditional performance spaces, myths and folktales, and devised texts as primary aesthetic features. Above all, my work is a product of asking questions that matter and listening for a multiplicity of answers.


One Response to “Melanie”

  1. 1 Jackie Smith

    Hi Melanie,
    I just came across your site. I am wondering about the workshop on the 14th of November-not sure I can do it because of a possible conflict, but if I can, do you have any more scholarship options?
    I am a therapist (a couple of years out of school) building my practice, mainly working with young women. I used to do musical theatre way back in the day and took a few psychodrama classes at Antioch (where i got my degree). I want to utilize theatre in my work with young women… I know of Theatre of the Oppressed-took a workshop years ago with Marc Weinblatt who is now in Port Townsend. Would love to hear more about what you do.
    Glad you doing this work.

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